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Matt blush PVD

Rarer than chrome and less retro than nickel, Blush finish carries high the colors of the design and the French know-how. Harmonious marriage between a traditional coppery hue and pink gold, this trendy finish can already boast of a beautiful reference; the hotel Vista La Cigale, formerly Vista Palace, in Monaco whose inauguration is planned this year. As often, it is from a specific request related to a hotel project that the THG Paris Workshops, based in Picardy, develop innovations. Since its first Contract project in 1999, until the partnership with the majority of French and international palaces, the Maison THG Paris shows a demanding constellated prestigious references in which the least detail, from the design to the color of the finish, is thought. Imagined as an ornament, the Blush finish has the art of changing the style of faucets and accessories that she dresses; or when the bathroom enjoys the magic of the best decorators.

Reference H60

The Physical Vapour Deposition process, or PVD, consists of using a plasma spray to produce a thin film of metal vapour, in this case a highly resistant titanium alloy. This deposit is created over articles which have already been chrome plated. This process makes it possible to achieve excellent resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

  • Cleaning: Easy
  • Corrosion resistance: Excellent
  • Scratch resistance: Excellent
  • Resistance to cleaning products: Excellent

All the THG coatings are created in our workshops. Our complete mastery of products and finishes gives you complete security and the best guarantee.

Pvd Blush Mat H60

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