Studio F. A. PORSCHE

THG Paris introduces two new materials to the world of sanitary fittings: titanium and carbon gold.
U7l 103f H64 Art


Generally used in the aircraft and space industries, titanium has exceptional thermal, mechanical and anti-corrosion resistance properties.


Carbon gold has a spectacular look that changes with the light. Used in boats in the Vendée Globe or in Formula 1 racing, it is manufactured under high pressure conditions to reveal the inner beauty of the organic pattern formed by the carbon fibres. This perfect "fusion" creates a ribbed effect whose singularity and finesse is absolutely unique.

U7s 103f F30 Art
U7j 103f Hj2 Art


Metal has many advantages for the Icon-X range of fittings. A mixture of metals gives the fittings a clean design with an aesthetic appearance and a unique texture. The metal version offers the possibility to match the metal inserts for a customised and tailor-made finish.

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