Daum, the legendary glassmaker master, has kept alive for more than a century a love relationship with the greatest artists of its time. From the Ecole de Nancy, from Art Nouveau to Art Decoratif, from Majorelle to Dali, George Braque and Arman, Daum has not missed any of the magic rendezvous of the artistic creation and modern savoirfaire, this always renewed alliance of art and art craft.

Few brands will have worked with as many artists: within 130 years, more than 350 exceptional signatures have constituted a heritage beyond compare, a unique collection.

Although the “pâte de verre” technique has existed since Antiquity, Daum rediscovered it in 1968 when it

invented a method of reworking it using crystal. Casting a piece using this lost-wax process ensures the perfect regularity of its contours, which would be impossible to obtain using traditional crystal or glassblowing methods, as well as an instantly recognizable, grainy appearance.

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