Xavier Cartron

With a spontaneous and enterprising temper, Xavier Cartron early reveals a particular taste and elation for Art and for interior design. He learns alongside Companions of France and reputed architects, and keeps values that will stay a leitmotiv in his professional life : Passion of work, respect for excellence, love of know-how. Soon, talent and eloquence pushed him to travel the world, and to assert himself professionally in the tradition of interior design called “à la française”. His wealth, made of the capacity to constantly challenge the limits of the possible, and brilliantly play cultural melting-pots, enabled Xavier Cartron to to be fully committed in each of his projects : hotels, private homes, palaces. Nowadays, with freedom and generosity, he creates remarkable and exclusive universes for world’s VIP, designs and develops all-inclusive and outstanding projects, linking an ever new and mastered style.

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