Charles Zana

For the last thirty years, from Paris to London via New York, and Monaco, Charles Zana has provided finesse and expertise to the world’s most beautiful interiors.

In three decades, Zana, who studied architecture at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, has defined his unique style sought by his clients who seek the exclusive vision of this art lover, creatively passionate about design. His passion for art enables eloquent discussions whether it be the latest gallery exhibition through to his expertise on the great masters of Italian Design. This proficiency is his trademark.

In his sumptuous book “Charles Zana : Interiors”, published by Rizzoli in 2018, we discover his signature style. Zana’s designs embody elegance whilst seeking comfort, harmony found through rigour yet fluid in circulation and plan, traditional values whilst embracing seamless modern technologies. As a cultivated aesthete and himself a collector, the spaces he creates emphasize the artworks owned by his collector clients, giving the impression of being gently guided through a curated exhibition. Charles Zana’s approach proposes these “curated” artistic interiors, imbued of meaning but also welcoming; fully adapted to the lives of their occupants yet where each day their eye can be drawn towards a new focus and aesthetic.

Working alongside a group of talented artisans and consultants, Zana sees himself as the “musical director”, conducting an orchestra of high-level craftsmen, playful lighting designers and renowned landscape architects. This “orchestra” accompanies him through each movement, from conception to realisation, as together they find solutions and propose innovations that bow to the revered service of creation.

Charles Zana transmits this passion for art and design, so integral to his identity, not only through his own team at Charles Zana architecture and project collaborators, but also through his teaching work at the Camondo Architecture and Design school in Paris. To reward his inspirational work over the last two decades, in 2019 Charles Zana was named Chevalier of France’s Order of Arts and Literature by David Cameo, director of the Musée des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, France.

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