Apr 16, 2021


ICON-X receives the "Product Design 2021" award.

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The Red Dot Design Award is a prestigious worldwide competition that rewards the most innovative design concepts since 1995. Each year, its jury of international experts distinguish objects that are especially aesthetic, functional, intelligent or innovative. What do they have in common? Exceptional design quality.

Icon-X design by Studio F. A. PORSCHE

Design must be honest – these four words spoken by the founder, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, get to the heart of our thinking. They mean that design is not simply decoration or superficial beautification, but rather the perfect symbiosis of form and function. This can only be achieved once you have fully grasped the functionality of a product.

Porsche V2 003 Croix Blush

Known for selecting the most suitable materials, the highest level of workmanship and cutting-edge technologies, the Studio develops design ideas, limited editions and branding strategies for international companies.


Simplistic and rigorous model

ICON-X is a complete solution for the bathroom and is available for washbasins, bath, shower and various accessories. The entire design approach has been based on harmony and attention to detail. Its best asset is in its use: ecological as well as functional, the collection offers an electronic control system.

Inspiration Electronique


A range of elegant finishes for both contemporary and traditional designs. THG introduces two new materials to sanitary fittings: titanium and carbon gold.

Icon-X finishes

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