Collections Signatures

Through our Cœurs de Collections, enter the exclusive world of THG Paris and see a preview of what exceptional expertise, where creation goes hand in hand with elegance and prestige.


From its extensive choice of designs, THG Paris proposes collections in a contemporary style. Straight, graphic or sometimes curved lines, THG contemporary bathroom fittings are pure and understated, but always elegant. The chrome and pink gold finishes are ideally suited to this style.


THG Paris also offers collections of bathroom fittings and accessories in the transitional style. This new term, which originates from North America, defines a style midway between the sophisticated aspect of the contemporary style and the elegance of the traditional style. THG transitional collections combine the comfort and warmth of the traditional style with the pure lines and understated shapes of the contemporary style. The corresponding brass, old silver and nickel finishes are often associated with this style.


The Prestige collections from THG Paris are part of the company’s DNA. Adorned by semi-precious stones, crystal or porcelain, Prestige bathroom fittings often have a classic shape but reveal a rare elegance. The gold or pale gold finishes go perfectly with the prestigious designs.


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