Jan 27, 2022

THG Paris tap finishes

Bathrooms have evolved from a simple hygiene room to a space for relaxation and well-being, hence the desire to give this living space a unique design with accessories, taps and finishes.

A comfortable, functional, beautiful and unique bathroom must pay particular attention to the fittings and their finishes. And today, designers and creators like THG Paris, are working to push the boundaries of exception to the point of perfection.

To give a more artistic touch to this type of space, THG Paris focuses on durable pieces with exclusive finishes. Discover the thought process behind the design materials of our fittings. But, above all, its many possibilities of finishes resulting from complex processes, from polished nickel to blush PVD. Designed to make a splash in kitchens and bathrooms, our various finishes are distinguished by their high quality.

Contrast and elegance of matt colours
Caption: Matt graphite PVD, System Collection By Arik Levy.
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Matt colours are starting to make a splash in the world of fittings. They have gradually become emblematic of THG Paris' know-how, as they are the result of a special handcrafted treatment to give the fittings an authentic and luxurious look.

With bathroom taps in matt nickel, matt chrome or matt gold PVD, THG Paris offers a variation of this shade to bring out powerful contrasts.

Unique bathroom brilliance
Caption: Soft Gold, Hirondelles Collection By Lalique
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Whether bronze or gold, these luminous finishes from THG Paris have become a must-have for bathroom fittings. The ultra-modern look gives off a sparkle that combines perfectly with all the accessories in your living space.

THG Paris offers a range of glossy finishes to give way to limitless creativity.

Chrome/gold, polished nickel or brown bronze color PVD, graphite PVD, lacquered antique silver… So many metallic colours that give bathrooms and kitchens all their splendour.

THG Paris believes that the design of its pieces should remain handcrafted. A process that allows us to go beyond their brilliance to leave a touch of history and above all of know-how.

The strength of Titanium and Carbon Gold

Titanium and Carbon Gold give durability and high strength properties to the bathroom fiitings. With their modern design, these finishes have a place in the home for their robustness and graceful geometric precision.

As a cornerstone of the beautiful collaboration with Studio F. A. PORSCHE, they create a balance between finesse and robustness.

The advantages of PVD
Caption: PVD Umber Finish, Les Ondes Collection
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PVD - Physical Vapor Deposition - is an innovative surface coating technology in which a metal is vaporised and deposited on parts by means of an ion plasma.

It is one of the most recurrent options for bathroom and kitchen faucets, due to its resistance, brightness and balance. At THG Paris, this technology is used after a long process of craftsmanship to give a particular identity to all our products.

The advantages of this technology lie in the infinite number of finishes, available in our catalogue, to personalise your bathroom and turn it into a decorative space.

Discover our inspirations and let your creativity run wild.

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