THG Paris Finishes

There are several application techniques depending on the nature of the metal to be coated, its dimensions
and its geometric complexity.


PVD - Physical Vapor Deposition - is an innovative technology for surface coating by the vaporisation of a metal which is deposited on the parts by means of an ion plasma.
The desired colour is formed by mixing different metals with a type of gas, for example nitrogen for yellow and methane for black.

Used in the world of fine watchmaking, PVD treatment offers excellent resistance to corrosion and scratches as well as excellent colour retention over time, thanks to a nickel chrome undercoat and the PVD film.


The most common finish is the chromium coating which provides protective properties. This coating, as with nickel finishes and gilding, is obtained by dipping the brass parts in a succession of baths, by electrolytic deposition. This metallic deposit is achieved by passing a current between an electrode and a cathode. Metal ions follow this current and are deposited on the parts to be coated.

The parts are then generally subjected to a matt or glossy varnish, then put in the oven.

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