Founded in 1764 by appointment of king Louis XV, Baccarat has been continually growing, pushing the boundaries of creation and spreading the prestige of crystal to the four corners of the globe.

Between magic and fascination, and with the timeless expertise and panache of its glassworkers, its fabulous destiny is written in sparkling letters and imbued with ancestral modernity. Supported by the talents of 24 “Best French Craftsmen” and a Master Craftsman, the crystal works has always drawn inspiration from its roots, its craftsmanship and its heritage to better transform the traditions into creations.

Through technical innovations, stylistic daring and extraordinary collaborations with elite craftsmen (glassblowers, glass-cutters, engravers), Baccarat relies on the transmission of its unique know-how to transcend its excellence and become a great hallmark of international luxury. 

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