Hirondelles collection by THG Paris & Lalique

For the past 20 years THG Paris have collaborated with Lalique to create a series of distinctive emblematic designs. The ranges are comprised of metal and crystal in either black, clear or amber. There is an option to have an LED light inlay placed within some of the design to give the crystal a warm subtle glow.

In 2001 THG Paris were called upon by an architect and their client both of which had a passion for exceptional pieces. The client’s collection of Rene Lalique’s work and appreciation for luxury led to his request for crystal mounted on taps in his yacht.

Reportage 70
A4l 151 F30 Ambianceshowroom Dahlia

Together, they evaluated the feasibility of this adaptation and soon both houses were responding to special orders. Métropolis, Ange, Naïade, Masque de Femme, Venice, Océania, Panthère, Bambou, Papillon, Mossi, Dahlia, Perle and Pomme.

From casting, machining, polishing and surface treatment, THG Paris and Lalique share a mutual appreciation for meticulous details with a French artisanal aesthetic.

Fabrication Lalique

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