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Silver rhodium

Rhodium is a noble metal, a member of the platinum family, and incredibly rare. Its silver-white colour is similar to chrome, but warmer, adding a bright lustre to the tap fittings. Rhodium Silver with its particularly luminous finish adds a subtle elegance to our collections.

Reference F18

Although it does not have the versatility of a nickel-chrome finish, rhodium silver is an alloy which boasts excellence resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

The silver is thickly deposited over a nickel underlay. A finishing layer of rhodium reinforces the hardness of the silver and prevents sulphuration, significantly reducing the care required for the product.

  • Cleaning: Easy
  • Corrosion resistance: Good
  • Scratch resistance: Good
  • Resistance to cleaning products: Good

All the THG coatings are created in our workshops. Our complete mastery of products and finishes gives you complete security and the best guarantee.

Fini F18 Diapo 01

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