Inspired by the aerodynamic lines and shapes characteristic of the golden age of travel, CORVAIR suspends time to celebrate the art of bathing.

Mk Croix Portoro Or Cam 001 Bain Bi
Mk V2 Cam 002


The Corvair collection plays with timelessness, returning to the essentials of design and the art of living, shielding itself from ephemeral trends. The faucet and handles echo one another, each with a raised central field, coving gently down to a detailed perimeter edge.


A new way and give free rein to your imagination in the creation of your future projects.

Realite Augmentee
Baignoire Corvair encastrée


Designed by Martin Kemp for our new Corvair collection, this bathtub stands out for its smooth, round curves and its pure design. Complete the design with a wide choice of beautiful plinths design available at THG Paris.


« This collection is a lucid dream of the sumptuous forms and emotive detailing synonymous with the elegance of Voyage. »

Blink Martinkemp 020

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