Feb 26, 2020


Shooting Ateliersgohard 31

THG Paris as a French Maison associated with luxury bathrooms and Art de vivre presents its collection of bathtubs decorated with gold leaf.

By partnering with Ateliers Gohard, THG Paris stands out and continues to offer prestigious and unique bathtubs. Craftsmen and masters of the art of gliding, the Ateliers Gohard create exceptional finishes and have many prestigious references.

In linear, checkerboard or frieze form, gold leaf brings material and prestige to your bathroom. 

Moongold finishes

Moongold finishes are made of 23 carat gold leaf, applied by hand with the utmost care.

B11 B591 Infini Ambianceangle01
B11 B591 Infini Ambianceface02

The lines of the Monceau Infini bathtub create materials and an effect of depth. As the centerpiece of your bathroom, the Monceau Infini bathtub will bring prestige and elegance to the room. 

B11 B571 Angle Recadre
B11 B571 Da2 Ambiancegp

The dazzling Monceau bathtub in Moongold checkerboard combines trend and prestige. As the centerpiece of the bathroom, it will enhance the room by bringing light and shine. 

Frise Malmaison1



Frise Artdeco1

Palladium finishes

B11 B570 Ga2 Ambiancegp
B11 B570 Ga2 Ambianceface01

Sober and luminous, the Monceau Palladium patchwork bathtub captures and reflects the daylight and gives brightness to the room. Combined with soft pastels colours, it is a trendy choice for a soothing atmosphere.

B11 B591 Da4 Ambianceface01

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