Jan 10, 2022

The kitchen sublimated by THG Paris taps

The world of the kitchen in our workshops is an area of deep reflection, especially when it comes to the design of the fittings. For over 60 years, THG Paris has been able to adapt and bring major innovations to the heart of the home. Thus, we have followed the trends of colourful kitchens, natural materials, design, and developed exceptional finishes.

For the 2022 season, THG Paris is launching several exclusive "Kitchen" collections, ranging from contemporary to retro to classic and prestige styles. These collections are designed to personalise your kitchen, making this everyday room an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable space where family and friends can gather to chat, eat and of course cook.

THG Paris shares with you some information that inspired its teams to create the "Kitchen" collections.

So, how can you use THG Paris taps in your kitchen design projects?

Better still, how can you enhance your kitchen with luxury fittings that are pleasing to the eye, not only for you, but also for your customer?

The combination of stone and metal
Grand Central Collection, the finesse of the lines at the crossroads of several eras.
West Coast Collection, the combination of French classicism and American audacity.
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The kitchen has become one of the most important rooms in the house and designers have understood this. It is no longer just a functional room, but a trendy living space where aesthetics are paramount. One of the trends is the mix of materials.

With a delicate balance between masculinity and femininity, the Grand Central and West Coast collections combine metal and stone to create a refined ensemble, playing on the contrasting materials and colours of the fittings.

THG Paris has created these transitional style collections to offer everyone the possibility of expressing their personality in a decor rich in history.

Shades of green
Saint-Germain Collection, a vintage collection inherited from French factories and workshops.
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THG Paris has no limits to its creations: bright, soft or dark colours, boldness is allowed! This is also the case for our Saint-Germain collection. This industrial design embodies the revival of traditions, in the trendy loft style.

To give personality to your interior, you can combine it with shades of grey and black to reinforce the industrial spirit or, as we have done, combine it with sage green, a marble worktop and refined furniture.

A living space where aesthetics come to life
1900 Cuisine Collection, the new art of sublimating the tap.
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The 1900s marked the peak of Art Nouveau and the Belle Epoque. This past is a source of inspiration for current trends.

With the 1900 Collection, THG Paris is giving retro style a new lease of life with its rich history. This richness is reflected in the details of the fittings and in their characteristic shape.

A tap with a customisable design, which is a return to the past but, in our own way, with a choice of finishes... Made of white or black porcelain, smooth or twisted metal, the handles recall the fine work of the craftsmen in our workshops in Béthencourt-sur-Mer.

Colour touches and exceptional finishes
Dean Collection, a tribute to simplicity with a timeless character.
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Once made of copper, brass has gradually become the material of choice for exceptional kitchen fittings.
Now gold, this luxurious metal, is making its appearance in the kitchen to compete with the classic finishes: chrome or nickel.

THG Paris taps are designed in a wide range of colours to suit all projects.

As a forward-looking company in the field of luxury fittings, THG Paris is a clear example of the trilogy of know-how, trend and creativity.

The Dean collection is one of the proofs that the history of THG Paris products is made of renewal in order to answer to the best creative desires.

Between complexity and aestheticism
Tendance Collection , a contemporary style where robustness meets elegance.
« Les Ondes » Collection , a play of water and light for this faceted collection.
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A kitchen with the design and details of your imagination is the result of the know-how of designers and craftsmen. Your kitchen should be a space that clearly reflects your personality, without sacrificing beauty. This should be reflected in the appliances as well as in the collection of fittings.

Tendance and Les Ondes collections, which appear to be simple designs, revisit the spirit of perfection in every detail and give a certain elegance to your living space.

Discover our kitchen inspirations and let your creativity run wild.

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New exclusive KITCHEN collections

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