Mar 10, 2020


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Luxury bathrooms stand out with noble materials incorporating contrast, light and brightness and defining the character and personality of the room. THG Paris presents the materials used in the luxury bathroom, which can also be found in the Maison’s faucets collections.


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Made of natural mineral materials such as kaolin and quartz, French porcelain is a handcrafted material. Timeless and subtle, porcelain presents an exceptional brilliance due to the enameling process.

Traditionally used in tableware, porcelain is nowadays found in luxury bathrooms. Basins, bathtubs, as well as faucets’ cross handles can all be subtly decorated with porcelain. 


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A gemstone from the family of agates, onyx is a variety of chalcedony mainly composed of silicon dioxide. Prized in the field of jewellery, onyx is particularly distinctive due to its brightness, its high hardness, and the intensity of its natural black colour.

Raw and smooth, onyx absorbs the light and attracts the eye to give character to the bathroom. Although onyx is singular, it can be used with all types of metals and can therefore be incorporated to different style of brassware.


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Delicate and precious, crystal is a singular material meticulously sculpted and shaped. Today, we come across crystal in high jewellery as well as on many art and interior objects.

Transparent and endowed with a special brilliance, crystal has the power to reflect light and therefore to offer brilliance and luminescence to the bathroom. In a contemporary, vintage or prestigious atmosphere, crystal, whether on a basin or decorating faucets, adds a touch of material and prestige to the room. 


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A noble material used since Antiquity in sculpture and architecture, marble has become a material of choice in the bathroom. Although it creates a calm, sober and elegant atmosphere when used raw, this minimalist material composed of calcite crystals, can be matched with a wide range of materials.

Perfectly combined with a contemporary atmosphere, marble can decorate every part of the bathroom. From walls to cross handles, from the basin to the bathtub, marble decorates the bathroom, giving it style and character.

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