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Timothy Corrigan's collections

With offices in Paris and Los Angeles, Timothy Corrigan’s timeless design philosophy combines European elegance with Californian comfort. He has been hailed in the Architectural Digest as “Today’s Tastemaker” and has been named in many world’s best designer lists, including the AD100, Robb Report’s Top 40 and the Luxe Gold List.

“ The intricate details and pleasure that one feels when touching the handles turns a routine and often mundane experience into one that is special. For me, beauty and detail are a basic part of THG Paris’ DNA. With that thought in mind, I looked back at a period when jewellery and decorative objects became a greater part of everyday life: the 1920’s and 30’s. Back when some of the most beautiful silver and jewellery pieces were created by such leading French and American jewellery makers such as Cartier, Christofle, and Tiffany’s.”

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" I have always been so impressed by the beautiful design and extraordinary attention to detail that one finds in all of the THG Paris products that one cannot but compare them to jewellery for the bathroom. ”


By incorporating some of the details from that period, the new collections have a distinctly clean and contemporary feel while at the same time have a classic timelessness about them.

Design, like all things, always operates on a pendulum and these new collections represent a mix of the more hard-edged modernism so popular in recent years, and a return to a period in which a more lyrical and detailed aesthetic is desired.

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THG Paris has used new manufacturing process such as Guilloché on metal inserts.

The guilloché is a decorative technique in which a very precise, intricate and repetitive pattern is mechanically engraved into an underlying material via engine turning. This technique allows for greater delicacy, precision and closeness of line.

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