Rémi Tessier

Timeless architect, Rémi Tessier loves the audacity of perfection, the ultimate emotion of beauty ans the ethereal feel that we call the « soul » of a place.

As a cabinetmaker, trained by the « Compagnon du Devoir » for eight years, infatuated by materials and subtle proportions, the designer imagined, at first, the interiors of luxury boutiques before focusing on private developments. His insatiable curiosity naturally urged him towards new challenges, from private residences to interior design of both sailing and motor yachts. Self-taught, he learns the secrets of this blue ribbon vocabulary, demanding no limits, pushing techniques to the extreme, where each individual millimeter calls for reflection.

Based in paris, Rémi Tessier now heads an international team of fifteen. Each project is completely unique to the one before, in order to guarantee aesthetes worldwide the satisfaction of a truly bespoke service. 

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