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A04 Broadway with Lever A1J Amboise Malachite A1K Amboise Lapis Lazuli A1L Amboise red Jasper A1M Amboise black Onyx A1S Cheverny Malachite A1T Cheverny Lapis Lazuli A1U Cheverny red Jasper A1V Sully Malachite A1W Sully Lapis Lazuli A1X Sully red Jasper A2A Métropolis clear crystal A2B Métropolis clear crystal with lever A2C Océania A2E Venice A2F Naïade A2G Ange A2H Panthere clear crystal A2I Perle A2J Papillon A2K Panthère black crystal A2L Métropolis black crystal A2M Metropolis black crystal with lever A2N Mossi clear crystal A2R Masque de Femme lunaire A2S Masque de Femme solaire A2T Masque de Femme, engraved metal A2U Masque de Femme, smooth metal A33 Bambou black crystal A34 Bambou Amber crystal A35 Bambou clear crystal A38 Niagara A39 Urban A41 Dahlia A42 Pomme clear satin crystal A44 Ellipse A46 Pomme gold luster crystal A52 Broadway A54 Art Déco A55 Art Déco with lever A56 Art Déco Cristal A57 Tradition A58 Tradition with lever A59 Tradition Cristal A60 Marina black Onyx A61 Marina metal A6A Profil metal A6B Profil metal with lever A6G Profil Lalique clear crystal A6H Profil Lalique clear crystal with lever A6N Profil black Onyx A6P Profil black Onyx with lever A7A Ithaque gold decor A7B Ithaque platinum decor A7D Capucine mauve butterfly gold decor A7E Capucine green butterfly platinum decor A7F Marquise gold decor A7G Marquise platinum decor A8B Vogue Amethyst A8M Vogue Malachite A8N Vogue red Jasper A8P Vogue black onyx A8R Vogue Tiger Eye A8S Vogue Lapis Lazuli A9B Jaipur satin crystal A9C Jaipur black Onyx A9F Jaipur metal B10 Bathtub to be boxed in B11 Free standing bathtub B12 Whirpool system B13 Basin B14 Countertop B15 Shower trays B16 Accessories D10 General Items D11 Arty family D12 Trendy family D13 Retro family D14 Electrobox D1A Elliott D1B Gatsby D2A Jack D2B Bobi D3A Gary D3B Luke D4A Harry D5A Andy D6A Smith D7A Harper D9A James E53 Najem G00 General Items G02 Montmartre G04 Pure G08 Pompadour G14 Versailles G16 Alliance Kitchen G1T Beluga G1U Beluga with lever G24 Amour de Trianon G25 1900 G28 1900 with lever G29 Charleston G2J Faubourg white porcelain with lever G2K Faubourg white porcelain G2L Faubourg black porcelain G2M Faubourg black porcelain with lever G2N Froufrou G2P Froufrou with lever G2R Frivole G2S Frivole with lever G2T Faubourg metal G2U Faubourg metal with lever G30 Bastide G31 Cygne G35 Santos G3R Montaigne marbre Grand Antique G3S Montaigne marbre Grand Antique à manettes G3T Montaigne marbre Leonardo Grey G3U Montaigne marbre Leonardo Grey à manettes G3V Montaigne marbre blanc Vénus G3W Montaigne marbre blanc Vénus à manettes G47 Vendôme G4P Collection "O" G58 Spirit with lever G5A Nano G5B Nano with lever G5D Anoa black horn G5E Soho G69 Spirit G6A Métamorphose G6B Métamorphose with lever G6C Métamorphose, carbon G6D Métamorphose, black ceramic G6E Métamorphose, white ceramic G75 Charleston with lever G76 1900 Kitchen G79 Cubica G7A Beaubourg G7B Beaubourg with lever G7C Saint Germain G7D Saint Germain with lever G7E Dean G8A Les Ondes G8B Les Ondes à manettes G98 Primo Kitchen G99 Lion's head G9A System métal lisse G9B System métal lisse à manettes G9C System métal diamant G9D System métal diamant à manettes G9E System métal quadrillé G9F System métal quadrillé à manettes G9G System marbre howlite G9H System marbre howlite à manettes G9J System cristal G9K System cristal à manettes GB2 Metal Basin J17 Beverley U1A Mandarine métal U1D Mandarine clear crystal U1E Mandarine satin crystal U1K Mandarine Cristallia Diamant U1S Sully white onyx U1T Sully black Onyx U1V Cheverny black Onyx U2A Le 11 by Alberto Pinto U2B Le 11 by Alberto Pinto with lever U2D Infini white porcelain U2E Infini white porcelain with platinum decor U2F Infini white porcelain with gold decor U2K So U3A Bagatelle metal U3B Bagatelle metal with lever U3E Bagatelle black stone U3F Bagatelle black stone with lever U4A Diplomate smooth rings U4B Diplomate grooved rings U4C Diplomate roped rings U4D Diplomate Royale U4E Duomo U4F Duomo cristal U5A Flore U5B Island U5C Paradise U5D Sun Dragon U5E Ginkgo U5F Vegetal U5G Moon Dragon U5H Jade Dragon U5J Rose U6A Pétale de Cristal - clear crystal U6B Pétale de Cristal - blue crystal U6C Pétale de Cristal - red crystal U6D Pétale de Cristal - black crystal U6E Pétale de Cristal - clear with gold ring U6F Beyond Crystal - clear crystal U6G Beyond Crystal - aqua crystal U6H Beyond Crystal - red crystal U6J Beyond Crystal - champagne crystal U6K Beyond Crystal - blue crystal U6L Numero 60 U7A Trocadéro Malachite U7B Trocadéro Lapis Lazuli U7C Trocadéro Red Jasper U7D Trocadéro black Onyx U7E Trocadéro Tiger eye U8A Wedding U8B Monte Carlo, gold porcelain U8C Monte Carlo, white gold porcelain U93 Malmaison metal U94 Malmaison cristal U95 Malmaison Portoro U97 Malmaison Howlite U9A West Coast with metal cross handle U9B West Coast with metal lever handle U9C West coast cross handle, with Guilloché decor U9D West coast lever handle, with Guilloché decor U9E West Coast with black onyx cross handle U9F West Coast with black onyx lever handle U9G West Coast with white onyx cross handle U9H West Coast with white onyx lever handle U9K Grand central with metal cross handle U9L Grand central with metal lever handle U9M Grand central with black onyx cross handle U9N Grand central with black onyx lever handle U9R Grand central with white onyx cross handle U9S Grand central with white onyx lever handle

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