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Розовое золото

Rose Gold, more muted than yellow Gold but more fashionable and more refined, is highly valued by designers as it adds a particularly luxurious, feminine touch. Originally found in jewellers, this finish is now used for decorating and, by extension, throughout the bathroom world, its rarity adding to its appeal. A tap fitting in Rose Gold can become the centrepiece of the bathroom.

Артикул F27

Rose Gold is a gold and copper alloy. The tint is applied over an underlay of 24 carat gold, resulting in the incomparable rose colour. Although it is considerably more durable than yellow gold, rose gold nonetheless requires regular care to maintain its colour and shine.

  • Cleaning: Delicate
  • Corrosion resistance: Average
  • Scratch resistance: Delicate
  • Resistance to cleaning products: Average

All the THG coatings are created in our workshops. Our complete mastery of products and finishes gives you complete security and the best guarantee.

Fini F27 Diapo 01
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