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Металлизированная бронза, матовый белый внутри

Cold spray metallization consists in spraying actual metal powder previously diluted with resin. The textured metallized finish is an alloy of metal and matter. After the metallization process, the surface is lightly sanded for several hours until the metal becomes shiny. It is then oxidized to acquire patina. This elegant mix of craftsmanship and modernity perfectly reflects the essence of our brand.

Артикул FA2

Recommendations for use

These finishes are meticulously applied to the exterior of our bathtubs. Both the rim and the interior are only available in matt white.

Daily maintenance

Tub maintenance: please refer to the matt white finish sheet AS2. Exterior maintenance:

Clean the exterior of the bathtub with a microfiber washcloth or the soft side of a damp, unused sponge. Eliminate light soiling using soapy water or a window cleaner. After wiping the surface, rinse well with clean water.

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