Our Last Creations

A star is born.

Cover Nihal
Design by the French architect, Xavier Cartron, the integral part of 'Nihal's' DNA is expressing this dialogue between cultures and the mixing of tones and materials which are associated with each. Named after a star in the Lepus constellation symbolising spring water, artisanal know-how and technological advances lie at the heart of THG Paris's new 'Nihal' collection. Manufactured in collaboration with Maison Havilland, 'Nihal' was produced after eighteen months of research and development.
Free Nihal Croquis


Coll Nihal U2n 151 F30
Coll Nihal U2n 1132sg F30
Coll Product Nihal
Coll Product Nihal 4
Coll Product Nihal 6
Coll Product Nihal 5
Coll Product Nihal 3
Coll Product Nihal 2

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