Martin Kemp

Martin Kemp, an unconventional and original thinker, was born into an artistic Welsh family with his late mother being a portrait artist and his father an urban planner and architect – both therefore imbuing him with a creative outlook, so it was almost inevitable his career path became what it did.

Martin Kemp Design was established in 2012 following Martin’s tenure in LA with Barbara Barry and Candy & Candy in London and continues to grow and evolve into a leading luxury residential brand, associated with the finest level of design and craftsmanship. Clients commission the studio not only for their dynamic thinking and approach but also for their professional and humble way of working.

Martin ensures that the studio resonates with creativity and charm and proudly does not have a house style as the Client, the architecture, the heritage and location are what makes each project exquisitely unique in redefining space and furnishings. This has led to the team to work worldwide on magnificent homes, mansions, yachts, jets and large-scale developments.

Martin and his team travel the world regularly, absorbing culture and style with aplomb, often using these stimuli in their work. Martin, is a keen classic-car enthusiast and strives to maintain a healthy balance between city and country, ensuring his own inspirations and aspirations are achieved in parallel with delivering at the highest level for his clients.

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