Jan 27, 2022

Les Ondes collection, symbol of a French elegance

Iconic and forward-looking, THG Paris designs your story through the bathroom in order to sublimate your daily life.

It is a place of life in its own right: you wash, look good and relax there! It evolves and is adorned with equipment, including taps, which are essential to its functioning, and are increasingly creative.

A style that is both classic and modern
"Les Ondes" Collection: Game of water and light for this faceted collection.
Moodboard Les Ondes2

Inspired by a lamp designed for Baccarat, our "Les Ondes" tap collection was born from a collaboration with the designer couple Gilles & Boissier.

Made of a 10-faceted base on top of which sits a trident-shaped brace reminiscent of the attribute of Neptune - god of seas and oceans - the tap, with its faceted crystal sides, recall the perfect transparency of water.

In perfect osmosis with our know-how, the style is both classic and modern, reflecting the French elegance, itself cultivated by the high-end hotel industry. The two architects, who have signed numerous international luxury projects (hotels, restaurants, etc.), have thus created a range of products that suits them.

Fluid accents, an emotional touch
"Les Ondes" Collection: Game of water and light for this faceted collection.
Moodboard Les Ondes4

Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier are keen to promote French manufacturing and naturally chose THG Paris to sign their first collection of taps.

Complementary in every way, they master, above all, the art of disagreement. This constructive opposition balances each project because, while he is fond of rigorous lines and the most beautiful wood species, in the wake of Christian Liaigre with whom he studied, she harmonises everything gently with fluid accents and an emotional touch inherited from the Starck school.

It is nourished by this essential contradiction that they sign as a duo creative projects whose elegance and maturity are widely acclaimed.

Their goal is to represent the French art of living. The challenge was met for this first attempt with Les Ondes!

A complete range of taps
"Les Ondes" Collection: Game of water and light for this faceted collection.
Moodboard Les Ondes

Like all the collections manufactured by THG Paris, Les Ondes comes in a complete range of bathroom accessories. It is also available in a wide range of finishes like chrome, nickel, gold, soft gold, silver or bronze.

Initially designed for the bathroom, each of the faceted base pieces can also find a place in the kitchen.
In a chic and timeless decor, Les Ondes will enhance your kitchen while ensuring professional functionality with the integrated or overhead shower. The collection thus meets the demands of everyday life.

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